About us

This great family started 14 years ago, always with the same objective: to do better. With a production area of 34000 m2 divided within 2 industrial units, we take care of all the necessary services. Unit 1 is made up of 20000 m2 and focus on producing for Interdesign Home and specialized on customized furniture. Unit 2 within an area of 14000 m2 is focused on hospitality and international projects, giving priority to the mass production. We also count with a support unit in Luanda (Angola) in order to respond to its projects.

We are a reference company in the furniture industry, as our collections gather residential, commercial and hospitality projects all over the world. For us, all projects are unique. We provide a turn-key service, following the whole process from its creation to its production, through all stages of production and quality control, until the final installation. Our mission does not end there, it continues over the years with an after-sales service always available within the schedule for any assistance or request for quotation. We seek to improve our know-how by combining ancient techniques with current and future needs and technologies.

Interdesign is a certified company, with its own production of furniture, upholstery and carpentry.